Ibiza is a well known place for people looking to party and have a good time on their holidays. There are some of the best venues and sandy beaches in the world. You don't have to party all the time, there are some other more relaxing activities to do. I've been to Ibiza 4 times now so have a good idea on some things you can do. So just have a great time when you go.

when you get to Ibiza, have a rest and save yourself for the night ahead. As Ibiza is Spanish, the siesta often lasts for large parts of the afternoon, and little happens on the island. The night parties require high energy levels so rest during siesta so you can last the night. Emerge fresh in the evening and head down to sunset strip. You'll find this strip along from the Bay in San Antonio harbour. The sun goes down between 8pm and 9pm in the Summer, so be on the strip during this time. If you want a nice dinner, then go to Cafe Del Mar or Cafe Ole for food and sample some of their hospitality. Paella is a local favourite, so try it if you can with some Sangria or cheap wine.

Try moving onto a popular bar venue after your evening such as Bay Bar. They usually have famous DJs performing at these bars. Free coaches are a great way to get to some of the most well known clubs in the world after your drinks. Ensure you visit Come Together at Space on a Sunday, the greatest night in Ibiza. The clubs are quite expensive though, expect to pay 50 euros to enter, but have a great time there.

There are some other things to do though, for example wine tasting and visiting the San Miguel factory for some tasting. You can take a ferry to Formentera, a serene island just 30 minutes from Ibiza. The shops all take major credit cards too so no need to worry about payment if you run out of cash. Have a good time!

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