2011 has brought a range of new cars that are highly desirable. There have been a number of nice cars that have graced the showroom. The highlights of the industry in the last year will be shown here. New car sales in the motor industry have been generally slow and used cars have been selling well. The economic download means people have less cash to spend, so pricey cars are not doing well.

Cheap cars have been doing the best this year. Engines that use a lot of fuel are hit the most because the prices ar always going up. These cars have become rare as these models are too expensive to upkeep. City cars like the Toyota IQ have been selling the best in the market. They did a great campaign on Twitter.

It has also been a good year for second hand cars, with websites such as Autorader being successful. Used cars are much cheaper than new cars, and this is why sales have been so good. The demand for used cars has pushed their value up.

The A1 from Audi has been a successful release for the brand this year. This is the new baby Audi to join the group of already successful cars. Every person is considered because there is a range of prices and options. Look at the diesel models if you want sensible performance with a cheap cost upkeep.

The Fiat 500 has been selling really well too as it is priced so well. This is all evidence that small cars are selling the best. Sales of this car have been so strong because it is a really attractive little car. Fiat are not doing too well at the moment, bnut the 500 is giving them a real boost. The award for best most attractive car this year must be given to Porsche for the new Boxster model. I hope you agree with these best cars.

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