Famous people do a lot of things that only normal people can dream of. They also get to wear some of the finest clothes and wear the nicest perscription glasses. To add to it, they eat in nice restaurants and fly first class all over the world. I write about celebrity culture and fashion, and follow the trends in the industry. This post will reveal some of the trends that the celebrities are on top of, and who is doing it right!

Lady GaGa loves Alexander McQueen and has been wearing lots of it recently. The designer passed away recently and since then, his gowns have become a favourite with Lady GaGa. A lot of the peices she wears are amazing and original, but some of the other pieces are not. She has been wearing shoes that resemble horse hoofs, and they don't look good. She has a strong personality but still cannot pull off some of these looks. The dress made of meat was not tasteful (or tasty) and did not show her good side.

Kate Moss has lately been spotted in sunglasses that really add to her appeal. She is a style icon and is known for her relationship with Pete Doherty. By wearing glasses, she has managed to improve her look. HEr signature skinny jeans put attention on her long legs and she always gets it right. She knows how to deal with the press and eyes that are always on her.

Although generallly well dressed, Rihanna was seen in a Gucci dress that was at least a size too small. Rihanna is a strong individual and is used to people talking about her. This has not stopped her from wearing some unusual clothes over the last few months. Will ehr style remain so extreme or will she reign it back in? Time will tell us how she develops.

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