Sunday, 24 April 2011

Do you want more retweets?

Retweeting is a great way of sharing other people's stuff with your network, but you obviously want people to retweet your posts too! This will mean more people are exposed to your posts, and ultimately will encourage people to follow you. What's the secret to getting your posts retweeted?

1. Publish great content - No one is really bothered what you had for breakfast, or what your plans in the week are, but people do want great videos, interesting pictures, compelling stories, funny jokes, breaking news and celebrity gossip. Posting good tweets with rich content is the first way of getting people to RT your stuff. Use a URL Shortener like to post your content into Twitter so your long links fit into the 140 character limit for posts.

2. Break the news - People nowadays say newspapers no longer break the news. This is true to some extent as Twitter is a great place for news to filter through. Break news of new events and news that come your way as fast as you can. If it's shocking news your followers like, it's likely they will RT you if they want to share the latest news with their followers.

3. RT other people - Lead by example, and start retweeting other posts you like. If they post some good content and you want to show the appreciation it deserves, RT it and its likely they will notice and remember the favour you have done, resulting in them possibly retweeting your posts in the future.

4. Innovate - Try new ways of interacting with people. You can be creative and share mini-games, surveys, competition links or anything that will encourage clicks. This can be classed as rich content and will encourage people to get their friends involved. Use to trim down the links for posts of this type, as they're usually pretty long and untidy.

5. Show that you care - Post regularly and stick to a cause, don't just post completely random stuff, show your interests and why people should follow you. This will develop interest amongst your followers and want them to support and RT your posts. Showing that you value your account and the information you share is a great way to encourage loyalty and build a relationship.

6. Ask - It sounds obvious, but a lot of the time if you don't ask, then you don't get. Occasionally ask people to RT your stuff. This can be in the post, or on a separate tweet. Don't hassle people, but do tell people you are keen on them sharing your posts!

7. Keep your tweets tidy - Finally, make sure your tweets are good to look at and tidy. People don't want to RT scruffy and unreadable tweets, as it looks bad on them. Use good language, punctuation and keep your tweets short and sweet. Use to tidy up long links for your content so your tweets look nice and presentable.

I hope this helps you on the road to RT success. Don't forget tools such as are really simple ways to get your content into Twitter posts looking tidy and succinct, ready to be retweeted. Try it now if you haven't already!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Why post videos to Twitter?

Most people use Twitter to inform the world how they are feeling, if they are hungry, what they plan on doing and so forth. It's not always the most compelling content if you're trying to encourage new followers to your profile.

Posting videos is the best way to provide your followers with fun content, that not only entertains, but encourages retweets and starts conversation. This spiders your profile out to a realm of new awareness and makes you a much better proposition to follow!

It's not a lot of effort to use videos to entertain your followers, especially with! Just copy the URL of the YouTube video that's entertaining you, copy it into and convert it to a short link. Click 'Now tweet it' and your video will be ready to post, with the title already in the post.

Posting videos needn't be a lot of effort, and sharing fun stuff is really appreciated by your followers, so try now to post a video to Twitter! :)

Here;s a video in the meaning to entertain you! (It contains sexual innuendo and much hilarity :P)

Monday, 11 April 2011

Hello one and all!

Welcome to our first post! is the easiest way for Twitter users to post their long URLs and Links straight into Twitter. It's so simple! Copy in the long link, shorten it, take it into Twitter, post it. does all the work for you, helping you post your link with the title all ready for you!

Try and you'll be surprised how simple it is!

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