You can get more followers on Twitter easily. You don't need to spend money or install robots on your computer to do it for you.. I know some simple ways to grow your follow base naturally, and encourage quality users. Poor quality users that you can gain through methods such as 'followback' and auto-adders can leave your feed full of spam and unwanted comments. The goal is to have a group on people who see you as a source of trust, and understand they can expect you to give them strong content.

You should aim to keep on top of interesting topics and share them with the people who follow you. You should provide a summary of your topic to your followers, and strong content should be offered that people can rely on. Just provide your list of followers with a digest of the news and stories in your industry, and give them content they enjoy reading. RTing is a valuable trick. Retweeting is a powerful tool. Retweeting comments by other people will get you attention, you might get your stuff retweeted back as a favour. Ensure your tweets are to a high standard, and are neat.

You should make sure your tweets are tidy and written well. Don't use too much slang and always use correct grammar. You can use a Twitter URL Shortener to make your links look tidy. Hash tags group posts into a stream, so you can find all entries around that topic in the same place. Good content in your posts will get your noticed and make sure it's a shortened link in your tweet so people recognise you have put effort into your posts. 

Good posts into the right hadh tags will get you noticed in the field and people will start to follow you. Hash tags dictate a theme of conversation, which is grouped into one place for people to view. For example you might use #Twitter to talk about Twitter or #funnyjokes to share something you find funny.