Friday, 15 April 2011

Why post videos to Twitter?

Most people use Twitter to inform the world how they are feeling, if they are hungry, what they plan on doing and so forth. It's not always the most compelling content if you're trying to encourage new followers to your profile.

Posting videos is the best way to provide your followers with fun content, that not only entertains, but encourages retweets and starts conversation. This spiders your profile out to a realm of new awareness and makes you a much better proposition to follow!

It's not a lot of effort to use videos to entertain your followers, especially with! Just copy the URL of the YouTube video that's entertaining you, copy it into and convert it to a short link. Click 'Now tweet it' and your video will be ready to post, with the title already in the post.

Posting videos needn't be a lot of effort, and sharing fun stuff is really appreciated by your followers, so try now to post a video to Twitter! :)

Here;s a video in the meaning to entertain you! (It contains sexual innuendo and much hilarity :P)

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